Tours & Activities

    Masmak Fortress, Dirah. Open from 8 AM-noon and 4-9 PM on Sat – Mon – Wed for men only, and Sun – Tue – Thu for families. In the heart of Old Riyadh, this fortress was stormed by King Abdulaziz and his men during their daring re-taking of Riyadh in 1902. Extensively renovated in 2008, the mud-brick structure has been restored to its former imposing glory, and the museum exhibitions accurately recount the story of the raid and the fort’s history, and include some fascinating photos of old Riyadh as well.


   National Museum. Open Sun – Mon – Wed – Thu from 9 AM to noon for men only, and from 4:30-9 PM for families; Tue from 9 AM – noon for women only, 4:30-9 PM for men; Fri 4:30-9 PM for families; the museum is closed on Saturdays. Opened in 1999, the National Museum is the premier touristic sight in Riyadh It’s high-technology exhibits and extensive historical presentations make it very accessible to visitors, with most written and oral material available in English. With so many video presentations and mini-theatres, the museum can easily keep visitors busy for the whole day, between such attractions as virtual tour of Mada’in Saleh and watching re-enactments of the Prophet Mohammed's battle at Medina.


    Al Bujairi
The Al Bujairi district is the gateway to the historic area of Diriy’ah in the Riyadh area. Following years of planning and renovation, this development is now open to the wider public. The project is part of a scheme to develop Diriy’ah (the ancestral home of the Saudi royal family and which served as the Saudi capital until 1818) . Its cultural value has been highlighted with the addition of enhanced facilities at its main entrance.
In addition, Riyadh also boasts a large number of shopping malls, hotels and international restaurants.

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