1st Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum

The 1st Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum is an unprecedented opportunity to drive meaningful, relevant and practical change in humanitarian work to reflect on what is most needed in this area. The Forum will draw upon the combined experience of individuals and organizations involved in humanitarian work across the globe. Speakers and sessions will address key issues in humanitarian planning and delivery, and will encourage participants to develop new strategies for reaching the greatest possible number of people in need.

+ Objectives

Promoting and endorsing the best standards of humanitarian action

Developing the best practices further to reflect the current humanitarian realities

Enhancing mechanisms to cope with the changing humanitarian landscape

+ Participants

Decision makers in the international and national humanitarian community

INGOs and NGOs

International and national agencies

Academicians and researchers specialized in the relief and humanitarian field

+ Discussion Points

Humanitarian Assistance

Bridging the humanitarian aid/development nexus

Policy development in an ever-changing operational context

Examining global health conditions and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Innovations and Reform of the Humanitarian Sector

The role of non-traditional donors and regional organizations

Reform of the humanitarian system, World Humanitarian Summit outcomes, and taking stock

Innovations and technology

Localizing Aid

Local organizations, capacity-building, and empowerment

The capacity of host countries and communities

Adapting world agendas and initiatives to a local level

Capacity of Humanitarian Funding

The gaps, challenges, responsibilities and opportunities in humanitarian funding

Social finance: challenges, opportunities and lessons learned

Burden-sharing and fair-share theory

+ Expected Outcomes

The outcomes of the sessions will be presented to the Forum participants in a report and in an overarching Communique which will summarize the findings and recommendations coming out of the various sessions, providing participants with principles to endorse and commit to implementing as a means of driving action based on the themes

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